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09 December 2010

Summer Time in Da Hood

Lerone, the guy that brought you "Da Wenties" is back with another great
track "Summer Time In Da Hood" - featuring NickyH

Click here to download and listen.

03 May 2010


I have found someone cheating and getting free points - to that someone, please stop or I will zero your score

23 October 2009


A guy that works with me has just made this song - give it a listen.
The dude's got some talent!!

Click here to download and listen.

01 July 2008

I've made the source code to the single player version available.
Read more here

IF YOU ARE A NEWCOMER then you will need to register in order to play.

On your profile there are fields that are not compulsory which are : email, location, gender. However you are encouraged to enter in your email as your password can be sent to you via your email if you forget your password. It would be nice if you enter gender and location as well as its nice to keep for our stats. All info is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL

Welcome - get ready a for a new way of playing thunee with your friends.

Imagine you and your friends miles apart and you can't remember the last time you played a good game of thunee together - and all you have in common is a connection to the internet and a yearning to play a game of thunee again. Well, now you can, right here in your browser - right here is the first online multiplayer thunee game in the world.

All you need to do is click on the Play Thunee link on the left and you will be taken to the game area where you can play against other people. OR if you dont want to play against other people then you can play against the PC. 

There are different "rooms" available in which to play. If there are only 2 people online and you want to play against each other then you can join a 2 player room where the PC plays for the other 2 players. The same goes for a 3 player room where the PC will play for one player.

There is also a Chat Box in the game area where you can chat to other people online so if nothing else you might make new friends here.

So, if you are ready to find out more then click on "Play Thunee"!!!


PS: This site is constantly being upgraded so please visit often.

If you have ANY problems or queries then please email



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30SAL 197840
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35IAkoonjee 179290
36F19HEM 175510
37reena.govender 174680
38RASSIE 174020
39Neville 167690
40Muzhar 166660
41Evoz82 162550
42kaylah 144670
43JC 143030
44Jodz GP 141170
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